Member-to-Member Discounts

All Chamber and Toluca Lake Homeowners Association members who are current in their dues may download the Toluca Lake App. in order to participate. Below is a list of your current participating merchants.

Free Hazard Report from Farmers Insurance
Free Home Hazard Report for your residential property when you mention you’re a member of the Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce. This report will provide more details about your property's potential hazards.
Days/Timing: Call for an appointment at 818-845-5003.
Valid from 11/10/2020 through 11/10/2024
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10% off from Generales & Generales
First time customers who are Chamber Members get 10% discount on all in store merchandise except Rolex items, and loose diamonds. You must contact the store for an appointment for more details.
Terms: * loose diamonds and Rolex do not apply.
Valid from 04/01/2017 through 12/31/2023
10% Discount
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Santuari Restaurant - Chamber 10% Discount from Santuari Restaurant
Santuari invites all Chamber member's to come dine and enjoy the gorgeous and unique atmosphere it has to offer. All regular dinner reservations will be discounted 10% with the purchase of $50 or more. Please inform the host, when making the reservation, that you are a Chamber member. See you there!
Days/Timing: Available when Santuari is open for dinnertime: Wednesday through Saturday starting at 5:30pm Sunday starting at 5pm Monday/Tuesday - Closed
Terms: Cannot be applied on Holidays or Special Events.
Valid from 03/13/2022 through 12/30/2022
10% Discount
With purchase of $50 or more.
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