Member-to-Member Discounts

All Chamber and Toluca Lake Homeowners Association members who are current in their dues may download the Toluca Lake App. in order to participate. Below is a list of your current participating merchants.

Free Hazard Report from Farmers Insurance- EGI Agency Services
Free Hazard Report for your residential property when you mention you’re a member of the Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce.
Days/Timing: Call for an appointment at 818-845-5003.
Valid from 11/10/2020 through 11/10/2024
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10% off from Generales & Generales
First time customers enjoy 10% off all services and most* merchandise.
Terms: * loose diamonds and Rolex do not apply.
Valid from 04/01/2017 through 04/01/2099
10% Discount
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15% Discount from Sweet Salt Food
Sweetsalt offers 15% off to active members.
Valid from 03/19/2013 through 12/31/2030
15% Discount
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Sept 2020 from Verse Restaurant
We are offering first-time customers a complimentary glass of champagne or a dessert of their choice! VERSE re-opened on Sept. 8th as an outdoor dining experience called "VERSE Al Fresco." We're very excited to welcome the Toluca Lake community back to the restaurant Tuesday through Saturdays from 6:30-10 pm.
Days/Timing: Tuesday through Saturday, 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Valid for: Make reservations online.
Valid from 09/08/2020 through 09/08/2021
100% Discount
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